Sorry, Only A “The Office” Expert Will Pass This Quiz About Jim And Pam’s Relationship

Sorry, Only A “The Office” Expert Will Pass This Quiz About Jim And Pam’s Relationship

  1. Where did they get married?

    Correct answer: Niagara Falls

    Via NBC

  2. Which of these did Pam give Jim for Christmas one year?

    Correct answer: A comic book

    Pam gave Jim a hand-drawn comic book in “Classy Christmas.”

    Via NBC

  3. When was the first time they kissed?

    Correct answer: “The Dundies”

    Their real first kiss was at the end of “Casino Night,” but “The Dundies” featured a very drunk Pam kissing Jim at Chili’s.

    Via NBC

  4. Where did they almost get engaged?

    Correct answer: Dunder Mifflin parking lot

    Jim was going to propose during an office party in “Goodbye, Toby,” but he and Pam eventually got engaged at a gas station.

    Via NBC

  5. How many girlfriends did Jim have on the show before he and Pam got together?

    Jim dated Katie (Amy Adams) in the second season and Karen (Rashida Jones) in the third season before finally getting together with Pam.

    Via NBC

  6. Where did they go on their honeymoon?

    Correct answer: Puerto Rico

  7. What was the name of the couple they befriended on their honeymoon?

    Correct answer: Frank and Benny

    Jim and Pam referred to them as Frank and Beans, but their actually names were Frank and Benny.

    Via NBC

  8. What are the names of their two kids?

    Correct answer: Cecelia and Phillip

  9. During “Christmas Party,” what did Pam trade in order to keep her original gift from Jim?

    Pam traded the iPod in order to keep the teapot that Jim had originally gotten her.

    Via NBC

  10. What did Jim make for Pam after deciding not to move to Philly?

    Jim made Pam a video to show her he was happy with the decision he made to stay in Scranton.

    Via NBC

  11. Which of these things did NOT happen to Jim and Pam?

    Correct answer: “Their daughter was born in the back of a car.”

    Their daughter was born at the hospital.

    Via NBC

  12. Who was the first person to figure out that Jim and Pam were finally dating?

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