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Greetings amber Nicole here from our healing revolution here to share with you a little more today about essential oils that I love to use in massage therapy again it’s very important to always dilute and stabilize your essential oils but if you use one ounce of carrier oil such as fractionated coconut oil from doTERRA or CBD oil from color up therapeutics and you’ll put roughly 10 drops of this Melaleuca tea tree essential oil in there tea tree is a very powerful cleansing resolving essential oil it’s the oil of energetic boundaries on a physical level it’s great for cleansing cuts and wounds this might be a consideration for applying any essential oils if there is a cut you could put it around the cut so if there is things like canker sores or cold sores you can mix it in fractionated coconut oil and you can swish in your mouth or apply it to the canker sore again one ounce ten drops and then apply like as needed if you have athlete’s foot or candida issues using something like tea tree oil massage into the feet will help with that for Candida it depends on if you have bumps or rashes or things on the skin but using tea tree oil with maybe CBD oil some people the reason why I say maybe is because somebody with Candida may or may not have reactions to coconut oil so if you are dealing with Candida using a high quality like CBD oil and putting some massage oil in it and massaging it into your body if you are a massage therapist and you have a client that has presented some rashes or questionable things on the skin you can use gloves and in addition you can use something like tea tree oil to protect yourself and to help cleanse their skin and their energy as well so tea tree oil is also going to be helpful for something like dandruff so you can add some to your shampoo and help cleanse the scalp if you are somebody that has acne you can use there’s an oil that I like by a company called mone mo na tea and it’s the rejuvenate oil and their oil is really great for skin and really stabilizing for essential oils and the combination of those two on an acne blemish or scar or like kind of like an open like hopefully you shouldn’t be picking but if you do pick like it’s kind of a little bit open and you don’t want it to scar petrie will help cleanse it if there’s like somebody struggling with bronchitis or cold or flu melaleucas a tiara respiratory oil so tea tree Melaleuca is a respiratory oil and a Vittoria oil will help the lungs and by putting Melaleuca in the diffuser as a massage therapist you can help cleanse your space so that nobody’s getting sick the energy is like cleanse in your home you can just make sure that the molecules are being liberated and cleansing the air and sanitizing it so this is really good for helping on an energetic level like really resolving and ending like any kind of peracetic or co-dependent relationships he struggles with poor boundaries or just kind of weak willed or maybe feeling drained and unmotivated and life or you know somebody who just is feeling powerless Melaleuca tea tree oil will help you protect yourself from them so you and them from you so you don’t have a ton of energetic transference but as a person growing individually on your spiritual path this will help increase healthy energetic boundaries respectful connections create resilience spiritually so this is really great to use in massage safely diluted one ounce of carrier oil ten drops or in a diffuser three to five drops Melaleuca tea tree oil is one of my favorites to use a massage therapy thank you for tuning in again my name is amber walsh thank you for listening to my videos about essential oils and massage therapy please comment any questions comments or concerns and hopefully get back to you

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