The 3 Basic Money Skills You Need To Know

Three money skills you must master if you want to create wealth now there’s so many skills that you need to master if you want to make more money and if you want to become wealthy but I believe there are three skills that you must master the very first skill is making it now at first when I started in my business I wasn’t very good at making money I was trying all kinds of business ideas and most of them failed as I was getting better at making it which is usually a function of cells and marketing and generating revenue what happens is I was very good at making it the first skill was mastering the first skill but I wasn’t good at keeping it you got to understand when I was in high school when I first came to Canada I had no friends I was the invincible kid so I had no one to talk to I craved to have people around me crave friendships just some companies so what happens is I was making more money guess what I was getting a new car every year a brand new car every single year and I was going out with my friends I was finding their drains I was taking them to dinners the problem was I was also not keeping my money that I thought that’s how I would buy friendship that’s how I would buy the companies and they were with me I was what take them on vacations I would buy them stuff of those were real friendships those your friends you know what I’m talking about we would go on a night and I would drop like three grand on a single night and I don’t even fucking drink I thought I had to be the big man I would treat everybody and it was a dumb thing to do because I was spending stupid amount of money I wasn’t keeping it he’s a problem when you’re good at making money sometimes you’re overconfident and you always think I can always make money I can always have money coming in it’s easy to have money coming in that’s the problem I see a lot of entrepreneurs make this mistake they are very good at making money they’re very good at generating revenue right they’re doing sales they’re doing marketing they’re pushing the product service out there okay they’re putting their name out there and they’re bringing in money and that’s all their focus but they’re not very good at keeping it but they’re very good at generating revenue the problem is you cannot go to the bank and deposit revenue you cannot go to the bank and even deposit a profit you go to the bank deposit cash your cash flow how much money you have left in the at the enter days because sometimes entrepreneurs we’re so overly optimistic oh let me just generate more revenue I’m sure if I have enough revenue there’s got to be some net profit somewhere that’s not the case at all I made that mistake right so when I’m sitting down with my team on how to keep more of my money I would have a group of advisers in a boardroom where I would have my tax advisor my accountant my CFO my financial planner I would have my investment guys or in a boardroom talking about how to keep more of the money so money skill number one making it money skill number two keeping it and third is multiplying it and you multiply it by what investing you see most entrepreneurs they know the business they’re in they’re very good at the money making business but they are horrible at the money manager business they don’t even know they have this business that’s the problem they have no CEO running the most important business in their lives the money management business how do you manage their money how do you keep their money notice I said keep the money not saving the money not hoarding the money that’s not what I’m talking about keeping it so that you can multiply most people they don’t know how to make money we will know how to keep it and almost no one knows how to multiply how do you multiply money let’s say take the wheel say this example what do you do as an investor how do you operate an investor so take real estate what areas of real estate do you invest in do you are you investing in foreclosures and your whole selling meaning a by poppy you flip it to an investor are you a fixer-upper that you buy a property you fix it up and you sell it after for a profit you’re flipping the property are you doing these options are you investing in commercial real estate are you investing in retail industrial are you investing in apartment complex are you doing tax lien certificates Hex deeds are you buying notes meaning mortgages secured by real estate what do you do each of these areas is a special specialized area in real estate and then how do you put a team together you have your inspector mortgage broker real estate broker you have your lender you have your property manager and on and on and on putting together a team you have to treat it like a business case it is a business it is a business on its own but most people don’t even think about that they don’t even get you there they are not even good at fucking making it forget about keeping in and multiplying it but those are the skills that you need to master if you want to be wealthy so here’s what I want to do I want you to comment below rate yourself in terms of these three areas first one making it scale one to ten one being horrible team 10 being fantastic how would you rate yourself one to ten second skill keeping it scale one to ten how good are you how would you rate yourself skill number three multiplying it scale one to ten how would you rate yourself you see the school system most people they would spend four years getting to student debt studying and learning all these subjects yet they would not spend four months they won’t even spend four weeks not even four hours mastering one of these three skills making it keeping it and multiplying it and that’s why I believe most people struggle financially because these skills are not taught in school they’re not taught anywhere maybe on YouTube you watch some of my videos they they’re not taught in the education system that’s the challenge what do I spend most of my time doing I spend my whole life learning how to make money how to keep money and how to multiply money I study it like a subject I keep honing mastering my skill sets in these three areas and that’s why I’m financially successful so what should you be doing comment below if you want to learn more how to make more money that’s the first skill that you need to master click a link below I’m doing a two-hour webinar training for free for you just on the subject on how to make more money how do you make more money in your spare time mastering their first money skill then you can keep more money then you can have the money to invest and multiply

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