There Are A Lot Of “Westworld” Season 3 Theories – Here Are The Best

There Are A Lot Of “Westworld” Season 3 Theories – Here Are The Best


Caleb is a host.


It’s obvious there’s SOMETHING up with Caleb. His identity is shrouded in mystery and what we know – what he knows – about his backstory is unreliable at best. From early on in the season, people were theorising that he’d turn out to be a host, or perhaps a half-human, half-robot hybrid. It makes a lot of sense, but it’s worth noting it’s the kind of twist Westworld has done before – several times over – so they might be doing something fresh with his character.


Caleb killed his friend Francis.


Francis’ death has been haunting Caleb, and informing so many of his actions, throughout Season 3. What exactly happened to Francis isn’t clear, although we did get more hints in Episode 5 – it seems somehow connected to a hostage Caleb and Francis took together. Liam Dempsey’s ominous “you did it” to Caleb, and the way Liam bleeding out was merged in Caleb’s drug-addled brain with Francis’ death, certainly lends weight to the theory that Caleb himself may have killed his friend.


Caleb is Serac’s brother.


In Episode 5, we got our biggest hints about the deep, dark secret of Caleb’s identity: in addition to saying “you did it” to Caleb, Liam also tells him “you don’t even know who you are – you’re the worst of them”. The idea that Caleb doesn’t know who he is is intriguing, and the way this was revealed in an episode focused heavily on Serac’s backstory with his brother, Jean Mi, seems significant. We know Serac put Jean Mi into his facility to “change” outliers, and there’s a brief flash of Caleb in what seems to be a similar medical facility in Episode 5 – could it be that Jean Mi was “changed” into Caleb?


Some or all of what we’re seeing is actually a simulation.


Maeve’s Warworld experience turned out to be a simulation Serac was running. It seems unlikely that, having introduced such a concept, the Westworld creators would forget about it for the rest of the season. Especially because the room which held Maeve’s pearl and plugged her into the simulation seemed full of other pearls also plugged into the system. And we know that Rehoboam is constantly running simulations to predict the future. What if we’re seeing one (or more) of those simulations play out? After all, Westworld has always been a show about ~questioning the nature of your reality~, so it wouldn’t be too surprising if some of what we’ve seen unfold isn’t actually “reality”.


Some or all of what we’re seeing is actually just another Delos theme park.


This theory is a bit of an outlier itself, and seems less likely as the season progresses. Still, it’s worth mentioning that some fans have suggested what we’re seeing is actually Futureworld – another park owned by Delos. Futureworld is the name and setting for the second instalment in the original Westworld movie franchise, so it’s not completely out of the realm of possibility that the concept would be on the showrunners’ radars.


Halores will rebel against Dolores.


Dolores making copies of herself raises all kinds of existential questions in a show already full of them. We already saw the version of herself within Charlotte Hale’s host body unravelling early in the season – and, significantly, hurting herself. While the OG Dolores snapped her out of it, her arc definitely seems geared towards becoming a distinct individual separate from Dolores and her will. Her interactions with Charlotte’s son in particular, and her growing connection to him, suggest she’ll have a stake in the game that OG Dolores doesn’t have – one that could lead her to turn against her creator.


William is a host.


There have been theories that William is a host since way back in Season 1. His storyline this season has been extremely confusing, but definitely lends weight to the theory that the real William is dead and the one we’re seeing now is the host version of himself. In Episode 5 he even asked his hallucinated version of Dolores “Am I me?” to which she responded, “Welcome to the end of the game”. Perhaps William is finally in a maze that was meant for him and him alone, and he must reach the centre of it to understand what he really is.


The data Serac seeks, and the key to the Valley Beyond, is actually in Bernard, and not Dolores.


Serac wants Maeve to track down Dolores in order to access her knowledge of the Delos data, motivating Maeve with the key Dolores holds to the Valley Beyond where all the other hosts now exist, including Maeve’s daughter. But one fan theory suggests that it’s actually Bernard who holds all of this information, and this is the reason Dolores brought him back. She’s the decoy, and it’s why Bernard is so important to her plan.


Serac is not human.


Early on in Season 3, a lot of fans started theorising that Serac wasn’t actually a person – that if he ever did exist, he’s now dead, and what we’re seeing is merely a projection; Rehoboam personified, in the same way Logan was the Forge in Season 2. The fact that Serac is quite reclusive and not many are aware of his existence definitely indicates there’s something in this theory.


This is all part of Ford’s grand plan.


Ford has been the mastermind from the beginning. This fan theory suggests his plan even extends to the events of the current season. This is because Rehoboam was conceived in the same year Westworld was opened, and Serac started buying stocks in Delos around the time Ford created Bernard. Whether Ford’s plan is working for or against Serac is up for debate, but either way there’s a nice sense of continuity if he is involved.


Caleb is the agitator who will destroy the world.


In Episode 5, Serac mentions the existence of an “agitator” who will destroy all his plans and the world along with it. The obvious candidate for this is Dolores, but Caleb is a strong contender. His storyline this season echoes a lot of Dolores’ from Season 1, suggesting he’s being driven towards his own moment of consciousness – realising who or what he really is and going scorched Earth on his surroundings, just as Dolores did at the end of the first season.

What are *your* theories about Westworld’s third season? Let us know in the comments!

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