This Vocabulary Quiz Will Test Your Word Knowledge Like Never Before

This Vocabulary Quiz Will Test Your Word Knowledge Like Never Before

Listen here. I’ve rounded up some of the longest words in the English language and possible definitions for each. Think you can guess what they actually mean?


  1. Electroencephalographically


    “Electroencephalographically” means using an apparatus for detecting and recording brain waves. It’s actually the longest worst in the Merriam-Webster Dictionary.

    Via TriStar Pictures

  2. Polyphiloprogenitive


    “Polyphiloprogenitive” means having the ability to produce offspring or loving one’s offspring. It actually has the same definition of “progenitive,” but the “poly” can be added for extra “oomph”!

    Via Hallmark

  3. Xenotransplantation


    “Xenotransplantation” means the transplantation of an organ, tissue, or cells between two different species. It dates back to the ’60s and continues to be controversial.

    Via MTV

  4. Uncopyrightable


    “Uncopyrightable” means not able or allowed to be protected by copyright.

    Via NBC

  5. Incomprehensibilities


    “Incomprehensibilities” refers to things that are impossible to understand or comprehend…like taxes.

    Via Nick Young/Cassy Athena

  6. Knickknackatory


    “Knickknackatory” refers to a repository or collection of knickknacks, aka your Nana’s house.

    Via New Line Cinema

  7. Embourgeoisement


    “Embourgeoisement” means a shift to bourgeois values and practices, aka when you get guac in your burrito even though you know it costs extra.

    Via FOX

  8. Kakorrhaphiophobia


    “Kakorrhaphiophobia” means an abnormal fear of failure. Something we can all relate to at least a little bit, right?

    Via ABC

  9. Agathokakological


    “Agathokakological” means composed of both good and evil. It’s thought to be first used by a poet in the 18th century.

    Via ABC

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