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Hey everybody this is Eric War II and welcome to network marketing pro comm well I just had an amazing experience and I’m going to share it with all of you I just sat down with the one and only Tony Robbins talking about network marketing how to succeed how to become financially free and what you can expect to learn what kind of a breakthrough he’s going to be bringing at the Go Pro recruiting mastery event I thought about what was the best way for me to deliver this unbelievable content with you and I’ve decided to hold all of this and show it to you all on a special webinar on Saturday August 15th now I could have charged a lot of money for this but guess what I decided to do we decided to hold this webinar absolutely free this will cost you exactly zero dollars in order to be able to attend before you make the decision to sign up and your group to sign up check out a few of the highlights from this special interview you’ve been around a long time you’ve seen a lot of different things what are your thoughts about network marketing in general and the dis what is your thoughts about the decision that people can make to become entrepreneurs using it what’s interesting you know I’m doing this program right now and I got a room you know a couple thousand people from 44 countries they’re all business owners some of them are businesses that are approaching a billion dollars some of them are haven’t even started yet right they’re just picking their business so it’s really variety and one of my goals in that event is to actually get people to not go in business and the reason it sounds horrible is sometimes $10,000 come to event I told them up front some of you are not made for this because to run a business requires a certain natural capacity of nature if you would beside skills that you learn and it’s the ability handle risk it’s the ability handle stress it’s the bill do a lot of different things and you have to be able to manage finance so you most people they have of those skills and that’s why every year 50% of businesses that start are out of business you know you look at over any you know five-year period of time 80% are out of business and over a 10-year period of time only 4% make it now make it or doesn’t mean that they’re making any money right that just means they’re still standing 96% fail and after ten years you’re set right no you know look at Lehman Brothers right around for a century you know they did combined a trillion dollars in revenue over that century and they’re gone so the world you know technology changes products and services changes it’s so competitive so to really be successful it’s a really unique situation what’s beautiful about network marketing is you get all the benefits of being an owner but you don’t have to be afraid about supply chain you have to be worried about accounting especially world where today I mean network marketing used to be a little bit more different today with technology you can know what’s happening in real time the companies have already set up the software they know what happens so it’s really picking the right company and there’s a lot of great companies in that area and it’s really realizing that you’re really a value Claytor if you can go out they add value to other people’s lives if you can just introduce people to a product or service that a company represents that truly is extraordinary some products and services can’t just be thrown up on Amazon they need the story to be told and if you found a product or service of that nature and you got a company that has a generous schedule of being able to reward you and then you begin to get leverage where it’s not just you where you multiplied reference to other people then you get to all the benefits of being a business owner without all the headaches and without the same level of risk and so I think I think there are marks amazing now network marketing has a mixed reputation and we all know that right in the marketplace and you know anybody goes out to it what are you doing that’s what you got to own yourself as a professional I think that’s why I’m supportive of what you do because you’re not just pumping people up you’re giving people real skillsets to be a pro so I hope you’re as excited as I am the content really truly is spectacular from one of the absolute personal growth and business icons in the world he’s going to be delivering all of this for you and every single person on your team all you have to do is register for this webinar click on the and get yourself registered for this webinar it’s absolutely free and even if you cannot attend live when you register for this webinar you’re going to have access to the replay of this special event okay so make sure that you get registered make sure everyone on your team gets registered their belief their excitement their enthusiasm their passion when they’re done with this webinar is going to go absolutely through the roof so our commitment to you and helping you grow your business continues to grow we’re scouring every inch of the world trying to bring you the best value ladies gentlemen my wish for all of you is that you decide to become a network marketing professional that you decide to go pro because it is a stone cold fact that we do have a better way now let’s go tell the world everybody register for this webinar make sure everybody else does the same thing and I’ll see you there take care bye bye you

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