Weekend Mastermind – Launching an 8-Figure Funnel From Scratch!

What’s up guys Blake noubar here and I’m excited to bring you this epic behind-the-scenes video of my newest program the weekend mastermind it’s a special offer right hop on a plane meet with you personally dive into your business and help you launch a successful funnel from the ground up for the first time ever I document this entire experience so you can see exactly what goes down Before we jump into it I want to give you a little background info what just happened on my most recent trip I was recently contacted by America’s top dog trainer Nick white he’s been an incredible dog training business but now he wants to take it to the next level using sales funnels and after a little research I quickly realized that this guy’s the real deal with an impressive list of celebrity clients so I’m flying into Atlanta to meet with him personally and figure out how to explode his business online I’ve done some preparing ahead of time and I have a unique idea that I think is gonna transform his business so kick back relax and follow me on this epic journey as I work with real entrepreneurs to launch a successful funnel for their business welcome to the weekend mastermind i ed just want to start this process now be documenting this entire journey on what we’re going to do two takes inject files into someone’s business right we’re going to watch a film from scratch and the goal is to turn it into seven or didn’t take your phone hey what’s up guys we’re here right now outside of Pink’s hotel we’re about to meet him for the first time to see how he can watch his funnel from scratch and really scale his business together okay guys I told you I was gonna document this entire journey on what it takes to really do something like this and I’m gonna fulfill on that to show you an inside look on exactly how this is gonna go down okay so get ready follow me let’s do this Finnick I’m ace well if nice to meet you all those like weird where it’s like those underground things yeah so if to gain the next place we do a little small talk but I can already tell that this guy’s a go-getter and wants to get straight down to business he’s just getting started with learning about funnels and wants to start talking about upsells and down sells and all the different ways he can grow his business online but I’ve done this long enough to know that it doesn’t work like that I need to dive into his business and understand everything about it before we even talk about funnels that’s why day one is all about asking questions if we could just take one out of seven of these purchasers and upsell them on to $300 extra yeah times you know fifty two weeks out of the year like there’s a money back there is one location and six months so or less the only time I personally am training someone’s dog is generally Bryan Reynolds scene Jake Gyllenhaal vice-president pretty much the people you see they do how we start applying besides discovery like the phone was usually the last pieces of everything it’s like understand my power is sending your customers like the extra wet your customers are coming in are they is it a phone phone they like scheduler calls if you close with the phone what is it like like your everything yeah is anyone running your traffic alert it just feels you mean traffic specialist basically god specialist you to know to a specialist okay you are you are you willing to expand have actual the traffic specialist come in and those different you guys like retargeting like the fight or the website I don’t lie y-yeah you used to keep it quick I think you could really benefit a lot of a the Facebook side of things any YouTube are you running any absent you know yeah so you do I do you we get your traffic sources up to you get five extra traffic like that depended you do two different platforms let’s say only using products yet nobody so when people click that landing that means you’re showing a window that’s what paid you showed me that’s what it looks like yeah that’s what they’re getting for that’s both an extubation page did the classically presale yeah what percent was sold the over the phone versus that just quits the I’d say 75% adjust like you’ve been walking for your authors like I know you have this for the offers thing are you open to different offers others you want to keep those same offer any physical products is there like a dog therapy kid is there like specific training toys that the owners take home a user with some perspective are you giving up self show right now no 500 were they trying to get it after talking for a while the conversation kept coming back to one big obstacle or one big pain point in his business 130 locations 500 trainers thousands of hot leads a day and no one’s following up he’s leaving millions of dollars on the table let me break it down for you while business can never have enough weeds that’s not really Nick’s problem he’s already running ads to a website that gives him a steady flow of new weeds into his business his biggest bottleneck right now is what’s happening after he generates a week aka the follow up process here’s what I mean every time he gets a new lead one of his trainers will attempt to contact them the problem is all of the communication is being done manually every email every text message every phone call literally everything is being done by hand so as new leads come in it becomes impossible to keep up with the existing leads he’s putting a huge burden on the trainer and it’s causing Nick’s business to lose out big-time as the leads get lost and slipped through the cracks on a daily basis so my plan is to create a unique follow up funnel that combines the email a messenger bot and text messages to completely automate the back end of his business with this in place Nick and is trainer x’ can make more money while spending less time following up with weeds it’s a total no-brainer now that day one is out of the way I’ve already asked all my questions I have a pretty good idea of what needs to be done with his business let’s head to one of my favorite bars in Oana to digest everything we talked about today hey what’s up guys we’re here right now at the vortex in downtown Atlanta actually in midtown it’s a cool place I call them after I’ve wine especially from like an intense day that we had today which was an amazing day inside of one of these intensives and one thing I realized like when you really ask the right questions these business owners you really plot information to find out where are they struggling in their business what are the problems that they’re facing and you really showcase it to him because of all the times these business owners they don’t know the problems or just like they need some type of help but they don’t they can’t pinpoint the problem and when you ask the right questions you can find what that problem is and when I realized after I going through this process with Nick is that Nick has a business but where his problem resides is following up okay like guys a lot of you right now if when you’re launching your funnel so you’re trying to grow your business you’re not having effective follow-up strategies in place not everyone is ready to buy from you right away okay as much as entrepreneurs we believe that everyone wants to just purchase from us right here right now it’s not the case a lot of people need multiple touchpoints okay and what I realized that Nick is that that is where he’s acting he’s leaving hundreds of thousands of dollars out on the table because he doesn’t have an effective follow-up system in place okay so guys right now with your funnel it’s like my best piece of advice is to implement five emails make add five emails as a follow-up to get people to come back to take action whatever it is you’re selling whether its products or services put five emails in your funnel right now and watch how everything changes on that okay like I like to touch on different points right people act for different reasons some people act because of emotion some people ask because of logic some people act because of urgency scarcity I like to implement all different angles into my follow-up to see what strikes a chord with someone to get them to take action okay so the best piece of advice I’d give you at the really tactical information I can give you right now is the same information I gave Nick okay implement five emails right now into your business and watch how much is gonna change from that it sounds like when we start systematizing these different aspects you should always pick I don’t know what I’m gonna do to that and the business is just more productive than ever day two is always fun because we get to stop talking about the problems and start talking about solutions and once I come up with the answer I have to build it out with them to get their input to create the best result possible if they don’t answer right now we want to start your from sequencing so that person with tabs on I’m saying okay no answer now they start their own series so walk me through right hewing what would happen now so they didn’t answer now what would happen what if email will be sent so first thing that sequence goes out is an email saying hey whatever your you know direction to try to reach out SMS to is like hey just want to follow up you know and now that person can respond to this text message and that can go to a specific direction because the goal of everything what I’m seeing right now the trend the goal of everything is to basically get them on the phone or send them a link to sell them right yeah so at this point now just even in this sequence right now they have an email they got a call we have a phone number own on the phone you have an email and they have the SMS everything you’re doing down and that’s broken down just number three that can be based on behavior yeah right so you’re like maybe you want to do another email hey just follow good maybe this is two days later yeah two days and this is based on they did not respond to anything right no so if you send an email number three email number or you get number three which is email number two is hey just following up again it’s been a couple of days one make sure you’re still interested and I’m saying okay who do I want look at this yeah I want my mom they’ve subscribed to this and I want to send it to my all my mind or attended Miss often the weather almost a market another one and they subscribe to it you know or they subscribe there is a lot of psychology don’t break down yeah just like all of you mind showing information that but also know any like you have the warm and fuzzies over here albeit both and then actually attached to them visual to it your attachment visual to it it looks unlike wait see that this they listen know that it’s a tangible thing and that’s it okay this is what I’m say it could be a trainer with their dog a couple other things and then you give social to like show all the social proof that you have like what they said about like me grab facebook screenshots they work extremely well because people have this tendency to believe that if it’s posted on Facebook it’s real yeah so this works better than like some cleaned up by the way professional yeah this works way better because it’s authentic it’s like real now so you can just create an order form that actually like reinforces the sale you can prices and conversions there as well I used to skate I just be the extreme scooter is to you ready all right that I got nervous you like my trick it’s pretty good wasn’t it I know yeah you know you watch hang on I got nervous I’m really good the final day is all about solidifying the funnel strategy usually I do this on a whiteboard but in this situation I’d to improvise a little phase one is gonna be systems and that is gonna be a follow up funnel right which is actually pretty cool because a lot of people don’t implement this in their business even you know people would deal with on a daily basis and the power behind it is it is you know insane so just like we discussed right you already have the form you have like your current website structure in place and if we can just start segmenting that out and then based on those commands right tagging system those will go into different sequences like they’re happy you know that’s a no-show and this is objection handling whatever it might be right we’ll build out this entire interface that we discussed phase number one get that in place and start making the business more efficient on that level phase two is actually build out the funnel and the funnel is gonna be what we discussed right the first page is going to be your weed magnet your second page is going to be your sales page your third page will be your upsell that we discussed and will create the offer for it then you have the order form and then you have the order confirmation right once we have the funnel in place what we’ll do is we’ll take the system we create on phase one and we’ll attach it to the funnel on phase 2 phase 3 last but not least is franchisee rollout Z roll out and what we’ll do is after we work out the kinks we pilot tested with HQ with your locations we’ll take all of that probably do a little bit of training teaching what to do and basically hand it over this marketing system on a silver platter for them to implement ultimately increasing sales for them and increases gross profits increase you make more money they make more money everyone wins and it’s more efficient because yeah win win win because none of them have to do any of the work right now which is kind of the pain point struggling with mist again do anything so we’re gonna find a way to go inside of their business and say hey make more money with less work this is how we do it so three-phase approach starting with systems moving to the funnel finally ending with the actual rollout to scale that’s like if we want to codify it down to like visually see it that’s it phase 1 phase 2 phase 3 game over it’s where all the money’s left on the table even online if you in online in people’s like horses and stuff and what they’re doing it’s like after the sale it’s kind just night of the sale after they get people in just dies off and like you’ve experienced in your business how much money is left on the table because the follow-ups not there because they just think like okay well maybe it’s probably was happening things slip through the cracks but now this will replace any of that from ever happening again okay those won’t slip through the cracks a more and you’re still continually gen so all that can happen is your bottom line will grow you know it’s gonna be in and it’s gonna be fun attaching that to the actual funnel side of things because we’re gonna get to experiment on what would happen on straight sale what would happen on the upsells what would happen if we inject the phone funnel as as a follow-up to that and also regardless like the flow seems intuitive because ideally what we probably thought we were gonna do is start with the funnel then the follow-up but after I diving into it and really extrapolating from it we know that this is the weepy part yeah adding more gas to a gas tank the household yeah yeah exactly exactly I don’t really have to say much just to look at what it’s done for my business in the past three months it’s like a no-brainer we can see like oh someone clicked this link and that link converted at xml dollars that email is worth this so we’ll be able to see all that from the thousand foot view to wrap up the weekend mastermind we always like to take a night out on the town to unwind from everything that just took place hey what’s going on guys we have just finished our three-day weekend mastermind our three-day intensive and man these things are exactly how they sound they are intense but it’s an incredible experience an incredible journey to really dive into someone’s business and to see where the pain points are to see what they’re struggling with and help the business owner get clarity on their own business and after really diving into this business I’m confident we can add eight figures to the bottom line given everything we’ve seen so I hope you guys got tremendous amount of value over this I mean these things are not easy to document there’s so much going on at all times it’s very difficult but being able to show you guys and showcase what goes on inside of these intense masterminds I hope you can get some value and use it in your new or existing business and attempts to grow it yourself okay so that being said guys I’m tired I’m exhausted we’re about to run in the airport right now catch a flight I’ll be back in Orlando and I can’t wait to share each and every one of you all the cool things we’ve learned alright guys that wraps up this episode of the weekend mastermind I hope you got a tremendous amount of value from this if you did go ahead and share this with your friends and family and I will see you again soon

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