wild orange oil

The readings Earthlings I’m here to talk to you today about one of my favorite oils wild or this is a household favorite my love Cory adores this oil and I myself am a huge fan of wild orange wild orange is a citrus oil so because of this nature it’s very uplifting it’s a very strong anti depressant and very powerful for uplifting emotions the important thing to always know about essential oils as they should be properly diluted so if you’re using your wild orange oh this feels so good they smell so good so you would use a little bit like maybe even half a small little pump of coconut oil one drop of your wild orange rub your hands together deeply inhale you can rub that on your neck for your client for your massage client while they’re laying face down or at the end face off or Bowl you just have it held under the face cradle and have them deeply inhale 1 2 3 times and this is going to help reduce any stress those who have maybe some insomnia maybe like a little bit of irritability or anxiety like that’s just kind of relax everything a really uplifting mood but be very calming at the same time in massage you can when the entire body is covered safely with a layer of coconut oil or color up therapeutics massage oil or sacred earth vegan massage oil and cream you can add just 1 to 2 drops of that wild orange especially around the neck area to really give them like the sensation and the smell that uplifting feeling on their pulse points as well and just massage is normal wild orange is like I said the oil of abundance so really promotes abundance and the sense of humor and a generosity creativity and joy so having wild orange and the diffuser will really promote and generate that abundant vibration and just set that tone for a relaxing but abundant vibrant uplifting environment for your client as well so hope you enjoyed learning about wild orange again my name is amber from our healing revolution please comment or with any questions or concerns and I’ll gladly get back to you thank you

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